The history of Camberley and District Silver Band, now online

Since we re-launched the website, there has been a placeholder on our History page.

In the 56 years the band has achieved a huge amount, and to document that two books of the band’s history have been produced; one covering 1960-1985, and another covering 1985 to 2010. These are an absolute treasure-trove of images, stories and history of this band which has played such a big part in the community over the years.

Band members in 1977

I am very pleased to now be able to make the content of these documents available to everyone to read online. You can view them either as web pages (1960-1985 / 1985-2010) or as PDF documents (1960-1985 / 1985-2010), which are faithful digital reproductions of the original paper books.

Please do take a moment to read through these pages – they are fascinating insight into the history of this brilliant band.