Big and Brassy 2

A few of us from the band were at Big and Brassy this weekend just gone.

This is a community band event, featuring players from 8 local non-contesting bands including Camberley. On Saturday we had a whole-day rehearsal, with another short rehearsal on Sunday morning and a concert in the early afternoon.

The guest soloist was Alan Fernie, the excellent trombone player and composer/arranger – we enjoyed several of his compositions and arrangements, as well as his solos! The conductor was Paul Speed, well know trumpeter, composer, arranger and conductor.

It was a hugely enjoyable weekend and was a great concert in the end. I also learnt quite a bit about conducting just by watching Paul, and I’m hoping to find out a bit more about composing as well. Apparently there will be another one next year so keep the last weekend in March free!