The Tribute of an Adult Student

The music of Gerallt Hughes extended far beyond the reaches of his brass band. His school choirs were second to none. Many were the mums and dads who came under his spell and influence when he was helping their children.

In 1986 a lady who took her children to band practice on Friday evenings just happened to mention to Gerry that she was also studying the piano.

He proceeded to help and in the space of two years entered her for five theory papers and three practical examinations, all of which she passed. In addition this lady was Welsh speaking as a child. Hearing this, Gerallt proceeded to revise her language skills whilst at the same time giving her singing lessons for good measure.

She tells me that he was an amazing influence on her family’s life and a very special friend. A man of extreme kindness and patience, always reliable and never letting anyone down, a very clever and gifted gentleman. She explains that over a period of ten years it was of great concern to her and the family that he would never take any payment for his time and skills. After many discussions he was persuaded to accept a birthday and Christmas present with a smile but under much protest.

Michael Cherry

(On behalf of the adult student)