The band’s new look

Following some great hard work by the committee, I am pleased to be able to show you the new logo for Camberley and District Silver Band!

The logo was brought to life by Tim McNicol, a graphic designer for Embrya Studio, who came up with this fantastic concept:

The idea behind the design was to create a fun, almost light hearted look to the design, without it feeling childish or cartoony. We avoided the more traditional or script fonts and opted for a bolder typeface which is simple and easy to read without being too corporate and cold. Utilising the band colours of gold, teal and black, the end result is a well balanced and compact logo which will work well for a wide range of purposes.

And we love it! Look out for the logo making an appearance around Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire over the summer. And if you want your own logo, go check out Embrya studio’s site.

Thank you for a successful Supper Concert

Last night the band hosted our Supper Concert at Crowthorne Methodist Church, and I am pleased to report that thanks to the hard work of the band members and our willing assistants, it was a big success!

Visitors from far and wide came to hear a hugely varied performance of “light entertainment” music, ranging from modern pieces and arrangements through to older and well-loved music.

I am building a bit of a reputation for digging out interesting stories about the pieces of music we are playing (even if the links from one to the other are a bit tenuous at times) – as well as going on a bit in between pieces! But there is one story I didn’t get to share last night which I would like to share now is about our opening piece of the evening, Alford’s Colonel Bogey march.

Here’s the “conductor’s score” for the march – if you look carefully it is old enough to have been stamped with the band’s original name, before we changed it back!

On the night I told the story about how the piece was made famous by the movie Bridge over the River Kwai, and you can see the scene from the movie here:

But there is another story, which is of how the piece got its title – and it’s all to do with golf!

When golf was just starting out as a sport, it is said that one player would whistle in two pitches rather than shouting “fore” – going down a minor third. This is the first two notes of each phrase of the Colonel Bogey march.

But what about the dear Colonel himself? According to golf lore, he never actually existed as a real person! In Coventry in the early stages of the game’s popularity, instead of scoring against the people in their own group, golfers came up with the idea of scoring against a mysteriously consistent and average player. The concept of “par” had just been invented, and so this imaginary player was said to score a “bogey”, or one over par, on each hole of the course – hence their consistently average performance. But the Coventry players, who were all men in the military, insisted that the imaginary player have a military rank just as all of the other members of the club did. And for someone who played so much golf, they must be very important – hence the assigned rank of Colonel, and the birth of Colonel Bogey!

BBC Radio Berkshire

Wenni and I were also on (very briefly!) the Peachy Quest programme of BBC Radio Berkshire just before 11am on the concert day. Sadly they didn’t complete their quest and make it to the venue in time, but they did come and say hello and put a video and photo up online.

Listen to the show on the Radio iPlayer or you can listen to the excerpt below:


‘Tis the Season

We are not even at the end of November yet and I am pleased to report we have completed our first Christmas carolling engagement! Thank you to everyone who came and said “hi” while we performed at Longacres in Bagshot last Thursday.

While it is a little early for carolling (and Christmas in general!) for some, we don’t believe that in the Alexander house at all! In fact, our tree construction has begun already:

Talking of an early Christmas, I must confess in my banding experience this is not an early start. I remember playing with Martlesham Brass when I was younger at Aldeburgh for their Christmas lights switch-on – always the first weekend in November, and once on November 1st! I don’t know if you’ve been to Suffolk’s North Sea cost in early November, but I think “chilly” and “draughty” are both understatements!

Camberley has three more carolling gigs before December 25th – see if you can spot us at The Meadows on 9th December (5-9pm), The Wellington Centre on 10th December (10.30am – 12.30pm) or Hart Shopping Centre on 17th December (10.30am – 12.30pm).

Reflections from the Bandstand


It has, once again, been a busy summer for the band, with 8 bandstands / fetes / concerts performed in June – early September.

Preparing bandstand programmes is always a little tricky: you want a good balance of the fast and the slow; some traditional brass band music for the regulars and some more modern tunes for the passers-by; and something that the band enjoys too. And you have to get the right amount of music too, something I found notoriously tricky to begin with! From the first bandstand where I overcooked it and needed a couple of last-minute cuts, to the next where I way overshot on the correction and had to go folder-fishing for something else to add in… but we got there in the end.

Things quieten down a bit for the band – in terms of performances – for a couple of months now. That doesn’t mean that we won’t be keeping busy rehearsing though, as after our busy Remembrance Sunday we have a concert at High Cross Church for which we are busy preparing and rehearsing an extremely exciting programme. You can find out more about that concert here.

As you may have noticed, we have a new website up and running – so keep checking back for the latest updates. If you want to be e-mailed whenever we release new concert tickets you can sign up to our newsletter here.